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Dock Diving


Seraphina was the 3rd Place Winner at the 2022 North America Diving Dogs National Championship (Lap Distance Senior Division). It was her first time at a national event and she performed flawlessly.

Trendsetter (Trendi)

Champion Safranne's Trendsetter #1 ranked Poodle Miniature for 2018. Trendi earns NADD Achievement Award for Excellence in Diving Dogs.

AM Champion Safranne's Trendsetter wins AKC Dock Diving Sr.

Safranne's Right on Target - Arrow 

Arrow's personal best jump is 11.2. His average for 10 jumps was 9.66 so that puts him in Senior division for dogs under 16". He earned his Novice Title and he's headed to Orlando for the AKC Invitational in December. I'm over the moon. And best of all, Estelle and Julie came to cheer us on. 
- Owner Barbara Mars



Arrow & Trendi

Arrow and his sister Trendi at the North American Dog Diving Nationals in Orlando, Florida, 2016.
Ch Safranne's Trendi earned her Junior Division title. Trendi had a personal best of 8'3".

Trendi received a 2nd place in the finals of the Lap Division/Junior class at the North American Dog Diving Nationals 2016.

Lure Coursing

Both Coursing Ability Test (CAT) and Fast CAT are AKC titling programs. Arrow's time to complete the 100 yard dash was 9.17 secs or 22 MPH. CAT was the 600 yard course. He ran it in just over 1 minute or 22 MPH.



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